Play Games. Create Reviews.
Earn Money.

We think the game should be changed. And individual impact of creator should be inclusive and benefited.


A Different Approach

Zenna.tv is a platform that allows video bloggers to earn and grow of doing what you love the most - playing games. Best Games. And zero negotiations with developers — a completely automated platform.

We work with the world’s largest gaming brands and take all responsibility for finding and distributing the best advertising offers to you. Check out our success stories.

Your Choice

It is your choice, which game to review. Stay true with your channel and audience.

Make Money

Play, create and get rewarded for each viewer, who clicked and installed the game.

Any Format

You are a streamer or Youtuber? No restrictions on creative freedom. Take care about people you care the most - your audience.

360° Degree View

No contracts and negotiations, while staying connected to the top game developers and their games.

How Zenna.tv works?
In three easy steps.

Sign in and choose the game you like.

Tell about the game to your audience using any channel
or format.

Receive your reward for
the new players attracted.

Grow to the Whole New Level!

Join 1 500+ creators to work together on promoting best mobile games with your Twitch, YouTube and social networks channel. Create, influence, earn and grow the whole new level!

Detailed presentation


  • What do I need to start working with Zenna.tv? If you have a YouTube and/or Twitch channel with at least 1,000 subscribers, then all you need to do is leave us a request. Our dedicated manager will help you to set an account and you will be able to start working right away.

  • What kind of advertisement am I expected to do? It can be a fully-featured game review or ‘TOP-5-Best-Android-Games-or-Whatever”, or even just a short pre-roll.. We do not limit you and will appreciate you being creative. Don’t forget that using additional social channels like Facebook or Twitter can help you reach bigger audience and achieve higher goals. However, please submit the list of platforms you are planning to publish your content at and format of the video beforehand.

  • When registered, what are my next steps to do? Just choose one or several projects you are interested in and file an application to participate in promo campaign. As soon as your request is approved, you will receive a special tracking URL you need to use while reviewing the game. This is an obligatory step since it is the only way for us to track the number of installs your content has attracted.

  • How much I will be paid? How do you track and calculate the number of installs? calculate the number of installs using a special tracking link you’ll receive. The average payment per install varies from around $2 to $7. We are using an 30-day attribution window to evaluate your performance.

  • How and when am I getting paid? You can monitor your performance on the dashboard in real time. Payments are made at the end of each campaign upon request. Minimal payment is $50.

So... Ready to get started?

skype: af@zennaapps.com

+1 408 769 5412