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A Different Approach

Zenna.tv allows you to promote mobile games with video bloggers. More than 2000 creators from 15 countries work with our platform and actively create advertising content. We have many partners so we can always select the perfect solution for your project.

Make Money

Don’t waste your money – pay only for installs. With ZENNA.TV you are guaranteed to attract users to your game.

Any Format

Get an access to sources of unique live audience who likes mobile games. Only relevant contacts that suit your project perfectly.

360° Degree View

No need to waste time on searching and negotiations. Set up a goal and track the results with ZENNA.TV.

Next Generation Advertising

Working with ZENNA.TV frees you from the need to look for a contractor. You make a request for your app advertising and set up the desired goals then our managers and platform users take care of all the rest.

We completely cover user acquisition, analytics, communications, quality assurance, contracting, etc. so you never waste your time.

Platform Presentation

Fully automated or partly-served platform

You always have an opportunity to be actively involved in the campaign. We can provide you with a selection of suitable influencers and give you a detailed performance report in the end of your campaign.

Organic boost

As a bonus of such advertising you will receive a boost in organic installs. Video content unlike banner ads is studied and remembered better therefore converts viewers into devoted users more effective.

Zenna.tv Advantages

  • No fixed price, works under CPI model.
  • Fast integration with projects.
  • Many partners with various themed channels.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Large GEOs coverage.
  • Live audience, 100% no fraud.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Fully automated platform.

Advertising Formats

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